The perfect gift after surgery “soft as feathers and same the price as flowers”

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After upper body surgery such as a mastectomy the patient will NOT want any thing to touch and aggravate the surgery site nor anything that will put pressure nor stress on the lymphatic system. The patented healincomfort shirt was created and designed to be a gentle as FEATHERS so the patient can heal in comfort and dignity. The great news is we work really hard to keep the cost down so helping and providing a real solution for a real problem is the same price as flowers.

How the healincomfort post op shirt helps and why was it created.

Here are a couple of testimonials, mostly from nurses…

I loved the Heal in Comfort Post-op recovery kit! I’m a nurse and I know that these kinds of things make a big difference to making people feel better in that healing time. Well done.

Hey Cherie – the nurses at Seton Williamson were blown away by the healincomfort shirts that mom wore these past couple weeks! They even handed out information to a few other patients. Mom was in for two different surgeries and had her shirts with her both times.

I wanted to Thank you so much for getting my shirts to me so fast. They are so soft & feel so yummy. All the nurses & doctors at hospital loved them too.

Thank god for your shirt leaving hospital yesterday! Thank you for you being you and what you have created!

Oh my gosh, you are truly an angel. Jean gave the healincomfort shirts to doctors, patients, and nurses and they all loved them as I did. You really get tired of pulling something over your head or buttoning and unbuttoning. UNC knows your shirt at their new cancer center for sure. Thanks for all your support.

I wore my recovery shirt that Cherie Mathews sent me from It had pockets for all drains which made it so nice. The nurses at the hospital loved it!!

Just wanted you to know that I ordered your shirt for my mom last week, she received it Saturday and had her mastectomy this past Wednesday. She had looked everywhere for something to wear in Clearwater, FL and found nothing. I looked online and found your site and promptly ordered from you. She has received so many compliments from the nurses and staff and says the shirt is “Perfect”…comfy, easy to put on and the pockets make the drainage bags much more manageable. She looks forward to using the lanyard and the little apron. Thank you so much for making these available. She is passing your website information on to the nurses. Thank you thank you!

For more information on the healincomfort shirt, and to order your healincomfort post-operative kit, click here.

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