I’ll think of my shadow…

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Hi Cherie,

I just got a lovely email from Nancy’s sister (who is staying w/ her temporarily) that was sent globally to Nancy’s Support Crew and wanted to share this with you:

From Nancy’s sister:

“There’s not a pill for the emotional part of this, and that hurts as much or more.  All my silly chatter about what gorgeous ta-tas she can get doesn’t help much when she looks in the mirror.  Rene, her neighbor, picked up Rachel (her dog) from Dog Boyz and honed in on a problem we were looking for a solution to.  Now she has just come over in a SUPPORT CREW Tee, having made a run across town to a lady who is a breast cancer survivor and has developed something that holds up the four drainage bags that will be attached to Nancy for at least the next 11 days and are truly a pain.  There’s a good bit more to this wonderful story, but as Nancy crawled into bed, she said “I’ll think of my shadow, not what I see in the mirror.”

How’s that for “what goes around comes around”?  I told you your “shadow story” was powerful!!

Take care and Happy 4th! 🙂

Wow, you are right about going to bed w/certain visions…..very perceptive truth.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of a GOoD team. What a fantastic day. I am going to bed feeling blessed  Merci, Cherie, you are an inspiration. Your expression spoke volumes, and your action in designing clothing that serve a healing role is a a true blessing.

You look great on the bike too, even though its not a Triumph. 😉

Ride on,


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