The Healincomfort Mastectomy Recovery Kit


the ultimate care package bundle for cancer patients – healincomfort mastectomy recovery kit

Your Healincomfort Recovery Kit Includes:

  • Healincomfort Recovery Shirt with Drain Pockets
  • “Extra Set of Hands” Drain Management Wrap-around Pouch
  • Drain Management Pouch for the Shower
  • Bad Hair Day Bandanna
  • A copy of “my shadow story”
  • Our Gift to You – “Don’t touch your face” Face Mask

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“Received my care package at the right time when I didn’t know where to turn to get items I needed during my post op surgery. Thank you for caring!” — Letha

There’s No Better Way to Heal in Comfort & with Dignity!

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Sizing Information

Sizing Information

healincomfort recovery shirts are available in 5 roomy sizes!

(Same fit as a unisex/men’s Hanes style regular T-Shirt.)
Our shirt sizes are designed to accommodate for JP Drains.
You don’t need to order a size up! If you normally wear a Medium – Order a Medium.

This is our Founder Cherie Mathews. She wore a Healincomfort Recovery shirt after her third heart surgery. She wanted to share that she’s 5’ 6” and 139 pounds and wears a Medium

Please choose your size very carefully!

Your healincomfort breast cancer shirt is primarily used for post-surgery drain management so, once worn, we are not able to exchange nor refund your money. This assures every patient’s recovery shirt will be new and untouched. You will never wear a shirt worn by another person!

The need for the healincomfort shirt begins the day the patient is discharged from the hospital. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact  us.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Over 75 thousand breast cancer patients know the healincomfort mastectomy shirt is the one piece of recovery clothing that they could not do without. The healincomfort recovery shirt provides 4 deep internal pockets perfect for post surgical drain management. “Soft as Feathers” fabric allows you a more comfortable recovery. The shirt is perfect for providing for more discrete post-op doctor visits. (No More Paper Capes!). Use it for radiation treatment, doctor’s visits and finally, reconstruction surgery.

Your healincomfort breast cancer care package bundle includes over $100 worth of vital items to make your recovery more manageable and you more comfortable! Bundle includes:

The patented healincomfort recovery shirt

Available in three colors, Healincomfort’s post surgery clothing is an innovative and patented design created by a breast cancer survivor. It eases patient recovery from painful upper body surgeries including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction. Our recovery shirt is proven to be helpful for up to a full year for your post op recover, doctor visits, radiation, chemo, sleeping and day-wear.

  • 4 Drain Management Pockets to Keep Your Surgical Drains Out of Sight
  • Soft as Feathers Moisture Controlling Material to Keep You Comfortable
  • Velcro-like Fasteners for Independent Dressing Post Surgery

The Shower Pouch Medical Drain Bulb Holder

shower pouch for drain management

The Shower Pouch Provides Patients With The Peace Of Mind And Freedom Of Movement

Knowing their drain tubes and bulbs are comfortable and secure around their waist. It also eliminates the need to pin the drains to your clothing, which causes tugging

Open Mesh Design Lets Water Flow Through

Holds 6 drains and is easy to clean, dry and reuse. The drainage pouch is discreet under loose clothing.

Top Quality Double Mesh Pockets

Prevents any mishaps. Breathable Materials Lets this drain carrier do double duty!

Buy one for the shower and one for during the day or while sleeping to keep your drain tubes from tangling. For women and men as part of your recovery journey.

Extra Set of Hands Drain Management Wrap

Your Healincomfort “Extra Set of Hands” is designed to help regain and increase independence and mobility after surgery. It is a simple and proven solution to mastectomy drain management when you are more mobile.

  • Intended for wearing when your mobility increases while in the shower or when bathing, Replaces clips or safety pins!
  • Two deep pockets will holds up to 4 JP surgical drains
  • One size fits all – ties comfortably around the torso

also included in your healincomfort mastectomy care package:

A ‘Bad Hair Day’ Head Wrap
For those bad hair days after surgery and for those No hair days this multi-functional bandana will also cover your head.

A copy of “my shadow story”
Written by HealinComfort’s founder, Cherie B. Matthews, the Shadow Story is your affirmation of love written to help prepare you for that “first look” after your breast cancer surgery.

The Healincomfort Care Package For Breast Cancer Patients Makes The Perfect Care Package For Breast Cancer Patients. “Soft As Feathers” On A Patient’s Skin And The Same Price As Flowers!

Developed by 20+ year breast cancer survivor/thriver Cherie B. Mathews after her own frustrating experience, The healincomfort Kit is a patented design proven to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more manageable and comfortable. No more safety pins! No more bulky tops!

Shipping Information

Shipping Information

With everything you have to worry about before your surgery, when you will get your healincomfort recovery shirt will not be one of them. We are committed to processing your order as quickly as possible. Orders received by 3pm central are usually shipped out the same day! We ship USPS First Class with Tracking and most orders are delivered within 2-3 Days from the time you order.

For Canadian Orders, Please Click Here!

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Jodie Lamy

The Healincomfort Mastectomy Recovery Kit

Marlene Collins
Does not disappoint!

Very good and just what was needed!

Brandy Rood
I gave it to my sister that was having a full mastectomy and a port for chemo

My sister got a port for chemo and both breast removed. She ended up with 3 drains and they are a pain to work around. It was great having a shirt she did not need to put over her head as well as a place for the drains. I think it made getting dressed and leaving the hospital so much easier than it would have been without.

Best shirt!

I am so happy i purchased two of these shirts. This has been a life saver after surgery especially. You don’t realize it until you go through the process how easy and comfortable this shirt is vs a button down shirt

So understanding, Will deliver!

I ordered some things a few days before my surgery and it was all delivered the day before my double mastectomy surgery! Prior to it being delivered someone called me to verify my address. The person who spoke to me was concerning and caring. He assured me they were trying to get things to me in time. The shirt is the perfect thing to wear after surgery because my drains are held comfortably on the sides, and the billow is versatile by helping me rest my neck or armpits on it so it helps me sleep.

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