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Healincomfort is committed to helping during this current COVID-19 virus and economic crisis. To help our patients and customers even more we, we have lowered our retail price from $69.99 to $54.99.

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    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    *Shirts Size:

    Please select the size for your second healincomfort shirt.

    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    *Shirts Size:

    Please select the size for your second healincomfort shirt.

    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $
    • 39.99 $

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The Original Mastectomy Shirt with Drain Pockets

Healincomfort’s patented post mastectomy clothing is specifically designed to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more comfortable. Our Breast Cancer Shirts are an essential piece in your recovery process for post mastectomy care and drain management. Our shirt is the #1 solution for;

  • Single or double mastectomy recovery,
  • During radiation treatments,
  • Breast reconstruction surgery recovery, and
  • Explant surgery recovery

And will allow for more discrete post-op doctor visits – no more paper capes!

Healincomfort Mastectomy Shirts are specifically designed to help you recovery more comfortably and with less pain following your mastectomy. Our Post Mastectomy Clothing Features:

  • 4 internal pockets to manage mastectomy drains

If you return home with drainage tubes post-surgery, how do you effectively and painlessly manage them? Healincomfort founder and shirt designer, Cherie B. Mathews, discovered after her double mastectomy that managing her drains was problematic. With this issue in mind, Cherie designed The Recovery Shirt with four internal pouches, concealing drains and increasing mobility.

  • super soft, itch resistant, moisture control material

Your recovery shirt, constructed with loving care, contains key patented features aiding in recovery, this garment’s material was specially chosen to feel as soft as feathers against sensitive, healing skin. Its moisture absorbing material keeps you both dry and comfortable.

  • Pain-free velcro-like fasteners instead of snaps or buttons.

Movement after surgery is limited, and maneuvering buttons can be a painful challenge, each post-op recovery shirt is fashioned with Velcro-like fasteners for ease of dressing.

Helpful For Post Mastectomy, More Discrete Post-Op Doctor Visits (No More Paper Capes!), Radiation Treatment And Finally, Reconstruction Surgery.

Healincomfort breast cancer drain management shirts are designed to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more comfortable. The healincomfort shirt was developed by an 20+ year breast cancer survivor/thriver Cherie B. Mathews after her own frustrating experience recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Healincomfort’s post surgery clothing helps women heal in comfort and dignity after their mastectomy and in their battle against breast cancer.

“I didn’t have the right equipment to go home in, if a sprained elbow gets a sling to heal in why isn’t there helpful mastectomy recovery equipment to heal in after a mastectomy?” 

— Cherie B. Mathews

healincomfort recovery shirts are available in 5 roomy sizes!

(Same fit as a men’s Hanes style regular T-Shirt.)

Our shirt sizes are designed to accommodate for your JP Drains. You don’t need to order a size up!

Please choose your size carefully…

Your healincomfort breast cancer shirt is primarily used for post-surgery drain management so we are not able to exchange nor refund your money. This assures every patient’s recovery shirt will be new and untouched. The need for the healincomfort shirt begins the day the patient is discharged from the hospital.

shipping information

shipping information

  • If the orders come in before 12:00 they go out the same day.
  • We ship USPS 2-3 day with tracking
  • “We Pay Shipping” Available Only within the USA
  • Need your healincomfort kit shipped in a hurry? Express 2-Day Mail now available at checkout.
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doctor recommended

“I recommend healincomfort shirts to anyone undergoing a mastectomy or reconstruction. They are perfect!”
— Dr. Elisabeth Potter

American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“These breast cancer shirts are brilliant! We always used safety pins for the JP drains. Needless to say, this is a wonderful idea and I hope every patient in the world wears one — they should! Anything to improve patient outcomes is a welcomed addition. Pain Control, functional clothing and comfort are vital components. Make an unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible will be greatly appreciated by patients and their families.”
— Dr. Steven L. Snodgrass
Board Certified Surgeon, Member of the American Medical Association, Former Chief of Surgery, HCA Greenview hospital, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

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