Polka Dot Seatbelt Cushion


The Breast and Chest Buddy® is Perfect for Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Recovery

A ride home after a major chest, abdominal, or shoulder surgery shouldn’t be unbearable, but the seatbelt often irritates stitches and tender areas. Never sacrifice safety in your vehicle because of a painful seatbelt. Now you can be safe in your car as well as comfortable with The Breast & Chest Buddy® Seat Belt Cushion.

Make Every Ride Comfortable with this Polka Dotted Seatbelt Cushion!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Perfect for Everyone –

No matter the procedure or complication, The Breast & Chest Buddy® is a perfect solution. Great after heart surgeries, chemo port placements, shoulder procedures, breast surgeries, or even place over the stomach for abdominal surgeries. You can even use it if you just don’t enjoy the rub or pull of the seatbelt in your car.

Universally Efficient – 

The Breast & Chest Buddy® works on all kinds of seatbelts in every single car. It can be used on left or right seat belts, or even lap belts. No matter where you’re experiencing the discomfort, The Breast & Chest Buddy is designed for your relief. Simply detach the hook and loop, put around the seatbelt in the desired area, and reattach for a relaxed ride.

High Quality Cushioning – 

You’ll be amazed at the cushioning inside The Breast &Chest Buddy®. It is super soft, flexible, and shock absorbing. Even when you’re going over speed bumps, The Breast & Chest Buddy® protects you. It is enclosed in an ultra-soft fabric so it feels amazing on the skin, unlike the irritation of a rubbing seatbelt. Sit comfortably, no matter how long the trip.



Remove foam and close prior to watching. Wash on gentle cycle, dry low or air dry. 

Removable, machine washable cover.

Universal seat belt fit. Works on every seat belt in any car!

Shock absorbing, flexible padding.

100% American Made!