Charcoal PortSupport® Seatbelt Cushion


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Seatbelt cushion specifically designed for portable catheter and chemotherapy patients.

A small seatbelt “cocoon” to cushion delicate port-a-cath sites while driving or a passenger! The newest member of The Breast & Chest Buddy® family is the patent pending PortSupport® Seatbelt Cushion featuring a circular area cut into interior foam in order to “nestle” the catheter, instead of sitting atop it, assuring your addition comfort while in the car.

Make Every Ride Comfortable!

Additional Information

Additional Information

What is PortSupport®?

PortSupport is a smaller version of the Breast & Chest Buddy®, but also crafted with the best fleece fabric and foam and always, ALWAYS USA MADE!

Why is PortSupport® so unique?

Our patent pending PortSupport® is so special because it features a cut-out, circular indentation in the foam beneath the slipcover.  

Because we have designed the PortSupport® with the circular area cut-out in the foam, it “nestles” your port-a-cath site, rather than sits atop it, which can cause unnecessary  pressure and inflammation.

As with all of our Breast & Chest Buddy® products, the PortSupport® is ready to be secured around any seatbelt, right out of the package. Designed for bilateral use.



Remove foam and close prior to watching. Wash on gentle cycle, dry low or air dry. 

Removable, machine washable cover.

Universal seat belt fit. Works on every seat belt in any car!

Shock absorbing, flexible padding.

100% American Made!