Billow Post-Surgery Recovery Pillow

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Experience Luxurious Comfort and Relief for Post-Op Recovery

The patented Billow Pillow is a revolutionary post-op pillow designed to provide unparalleled comfort and relief for women recovering from breast surgery. Whether you’ve undergone a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, augmentation, reduction, or any other breast-related procedure, the Billow Post-Surgery Reovery Pillow offers the perfect solution for a peaceful and restorative recovery.


The Billow Recovery Pillow is specifically crafted with the unique needs of post-op patients in mind, particularly those who prefer to sleep on their stomach. With its luxurious design and functional features, this pillow is an essential companion for your post-surgical journey. It provides optimal support and relief, allowing you to rest comfortably and aid in your healing process.

Billow’s Key Features:

  • Wool or Kapok Fill: Choose between our premium Wool or Kapok filling options, both known for their exceptional comfort and support. Rest assured that your Billow Pillow is cruelty-free and free from chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  • Suited for any Breast Size: No matter your breast size, the Billow Pillow is designed to accommodate and provide relief. It offers a soft and supportive full-body hug, ensuring maximum comfort for women of all sizes.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Billow Pillow is thoughtfully designed to strategically position your body for optimal support and relief. It offers ideal breast, back, underarm, and neck support, allowing you to find the perfect sleeping or resting position.
  • Versatile Usage: Beyond post-op recovery, the Billow Pillow serves multiple purposes. It is ideal for surgery recovery, massage support, and daily rest. It even provides neck and shoulder support while lying on your side.
  • Luxurious Organic Cover: Your Billow Pillow comes with a luxurious and organic count sateen cotton cover. The cover is not only soft and gentle against your skin but also machine washable for easy maintenance.
The Billow Post-Surgery Recovery Pillow keeps your torso raised and slightly elevated without compromising sensitive breasts and stomachs post surgery.


The Billow Pillow keeps your torso raised and slightly elevated without compromising sensitive breasts and stomachs post surgery. This position is beneficial for patients who have breast surgery including mastectomy, reconstruction, augmentation or reduction – even cardio thoracic, facial and abdominal surgery. Lying in this position also helps to reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

The Billow Mastectomy Pillow provides support to the neck and shoulder while lying on your side.

Side Relief

If you prefer to sleep on your side, the Billow Post Surgery Pillow has got you covered. It provides excellent support to the neck and shoulder while lying in this position. For additional comfort, you can use the Billow Roll Pillow to add extra support between the breasts or stomach.

The Billow Post Surgery Pillow provides breast, under arm, neck and lower back support for those with extreme sensitivity in those areas.


Experience pure bliss with the Billow Mastectomy Pillow. It offers comprehensive support to the breast, underarm, neck, and lower back, making it ideal for those with extreme sensitivity in these areas. Whether you’re lying on your stomach or getting a massage, the Billow Pillow ensures maximum comfort and relief. It is perfect for post-surgery recovery, nursing moms, or anyone in need of extra back support while lying on their stomach.

Designed with Care:

The Billow Post-Surgery Recovery Pillow was originally created as a recovery pillow for women who have difficulty lying on their stomachs due to post-surgery discomfort. Its patented ergonomic design optimizes body positioning, providing optimal support for the breast, back, underarm, and neck. The soft and supportive breast section combined with firmer support in the torso area alleviates pressure on the lower back. The softer filling in the upper arm and neck area offers additional relief, particularly for those who have undergone a lymph node dissection.

Experience Stability and Comfort:

Immediately after surgery, the Billow Mastectomy Recovery Pillow serves as a comfortable back pillow, keeping you slightly elevated and in a stable position without shifting around. It ensures that you can rest and recover with ease, promoting better healing and well-being during your recovery journey.

Reclaim your comfort and well-being with the Billow Mastectomy Recovery Pillow.

Ordering Information:

Each Billow Post-Surgery Recovery Pillow is made with love and care at the time of order. Please allow 5-7 business days for production/fulfillment and an additional 2-4 days for shipping. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality, personalized product that enhances your recovery experience.


Reclaim your comfort and well-being with the Billow Post-Surgery Recovery Pillow.

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