The Shell Pillow: Arm Wedge Recovery Pillow


In the journey of breast surgery recovery, finding comfort and relief is essential.

In the journey of breast surgery recovery, finding comfort and relief is essential. The Shell Arm Wedge Recovery Pillow is specifically designed to address the discomfort experienced when arms touch the sides after lumpectomies and mastectomies. Its unique shape fits snugly under the arm, providing exceptional comfort during the recovery process.

Experience Extra Comfort During Breast Surgery Recovery

The Shell Pillow® is a thoughtful gift for anyone you love who is undergoing breast surgery. Created with the intention of offering solace and comfort, it allows individuals to take it easy and find solace in the recovery journey after breast cancer surgery. When unexpected surgeries like lumpectomies or mastectomies arise, the Shell Pillow® becomes a valuable companion, providing much-needed support and relief during the recovery phase.

Find Your Perfect Color and Style

Choose from our exquisite range of Shell Pillow® arm wedge recovery pillows, each offering its own unique charm and features:

Teal Western Spiral Flowers: This variant comes in a calming teal shade, adorned with intricate spiral flower patterns. It includes a gray recovery pillow with a matching fitted cover that can be easily removed for laundering.

Gray Medallion: The Gray Medallion Mastectomy Recovery Pillow boasts a stylish gray design with a removable cover, ensuring easy maintenance and cleanliness throughout your recovery.

Blue Diamond: Experience serenity with the Shell Pillow® Blue, featuring a soothing blue recovery pillow accompanied by a fitted cover for effortless laundering.

Pink Royal Rococo Flowers: Embrace beauty and softness with the Pink Royal Rococo Flowers fabric. The Shell Pillow® Pink comes with a pink recovery pillow and a matching fitted cover, providing both elegance and comfort.

Blue diamond mastectomy recovery pillow

Crafted with Care for Your Comfort

The Shell Pillow® is meticulously crafted using 100% cotton fabric and filled with premium polyester fill, ensuring a soft and plush experience. Its dimensions of approximately 21″ x 15″ make it the perfect size to fit comfortably under your arm, while the accompanying cover, measuring approximately 21″ x 17″, offers convenience and hygiene.

The Shell Pillow® is a thoughtful gift for anyone you love who is undergoing breast surgery.

How The Shell Pillow® Enhances Your Recovery

After breast surgery, individuals often experience discomfort caused by the arms touching the sides. The Shell Pillow® is expertly designed to alleviate this pain and provide the necessary relief. Its unique shape fits seamlessly under your arm, offering optimal support and allowing you to recover more comfortably.

A Thoughtful and Lasting Gift

The Shell Pillow® makes an ideal gift for individuals undergoing breast or shoulder surgery. While flowers may fade, and dietary restrictions limit options, our customers continue to cherish their Shell Pillows® long after their recovery. It is a gift that offers lasting comfort and will be remembered for its thoughtfulness.

Multiple Pillows for Enhanced Convenience

Consider purchasing more than one Shell Pillow® to cater to various needs during your recovery. If you are undergoing surgery on both breasts, having a pillow for each arm is recommended. You may also want to keep a pillow in different areas of your home, eliminating the need to carry it around. By having multiple Shell Pillows®, you ensure maximum convenience and comfort wherever you go.

Easy Maintenance for Ongoing Cleanliness

Each Shell Pillow® comes with a removable matching cover that can be conveniently washed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene during your recovery. The pillow insert is spot-clean only, allowing you to preserve the integrity and longevity of the filling.

A Testament of Inspiration

“The Shell Pillow” derives its name from Shelley, a breast cancer survivor whose journey inspired its creation. As a recipient of this special pillow during her recovery from a double mastectomy, Shelley’s experience resonates in every aspect of The Shell Pillow®. Her strength and resilience serve as a reminder of the importance of comfort and support during the recovery process.

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Everyone deserves utmost comfort and support during their healing journey.

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