Post-Surgical Mastectomy Drain Holder


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Your “Extra Set of Hands” while you recover from breast cancer surgery.

Keep your post-surgery drains secure without discomfort and tugging with the Mastectomy Drain Holder “Extra Set of Hands” dry drain pouch carrier. Perfect for managing your surgical drains both day & night use and provides ample room for drains and other breast cancer surgery recovery must-haves!

After your mastectomy you’ll need something to help manage your surgical drains. Holding them or pinning them to a lanyard or shirt is NOT a comfortable solution. Our mastectomy drain holder is a must have after surgery. It makes the perfect solution for all surgeries that require JP Drains: mastectomy, organ transplant, reconstructive surgery, lung surgery, heart surgery, or kidney surgery.

This wrap-around pouch can be used over your clothing or tucked into your pajamas for additional discretion.

The recovery pouch Mastectomy Drain Holder is an 18×8” apron with 6×8.5” inch deep pockets. Total length: 70 inches.


Customer Reviews

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Paulette H
Highly Recommend

Exactly what I needed for my mastectomy and drain management. Customer service was great as well. The owner was eager to help me get my products on time for my surgery and she was extra nice. Very pleased! Thanks.

Sharon R.
Drain Pouches saved the day !

When I had emergency surgery, I woke up to discover the surgeon had inserted a J-P drain. When I was discharged the next day from the hospital, the drain was safety-pinned to the ace wrap pressure dressing around my chest. This was a very clumsy & unworkable solution, because the pressure wrap was coming off the following day, but I would have the drain in place for 10 days.
Thank goodness for Heal in I got both the "dry" pouch (for daily & night-time wear) and the "net" pouch (for use in the shower). These pouches comfortably & securely held my J-P drain in place, were easy to access, and I did not have a single leak or problem the whole time (these pouches can hold multiple drains, although I only had 1 drain to deal with). I highly recommend these pouches, they gave me peace of mind. :-)