The Shower Pouch: Mastectomy Drain Holder for the Shower


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Comfortable Adjustable Mastectomy Drain Holder for the Shower with Anti-Tug Support for Surgery That Require Drains for Patient Care

Feel confident 24/7 knowing your drains are safe from leaking or spilling. Our Mastectomy Drain Holder for the Shower is designed for any surgery that requires a post-surgery drain such as breast cancer, mastectomy, reconstruction, DIEP Flap, augmentation implants, reduction, tummy tuck, bbl Brazilian Butt Lift, abdominal, colon, heart, lungs, Lipo, or Ostomy

Additional Information

Additional Information


The Shower Pouch Provides Patients with the Peace of Mind and Freedom of Movement

Knowing their drain tubes and bulbs are comfortable and secure around their waist. It also eliminates the need to pin the drains to your clothing, which causes tugging

Open Mesh Design Lets Water Flow Through

Holds 6 drains and is easy to clean, dry and reuse. The drainage pouch is discreet under loose clothing.

Top Quality Double Mesh Pockets

Prevents any mishaps. Breathable Materials Lets this drain carrier do double duty!

Buy one for the shower and one for during the day or while sleeping to keep your drain tubes from tangling. For women and men as part of your recovery journey.