Marianne Post-Op Recovery Bra


Marianne Post-Op Recovery Bra for Comfort and Support for Your Recovery Journey

Embrace the journey of healing and recovery with Marianne – the revolutionary seamless post-op recovery bra that combines comfort and exceptional support. Designed to accompany you through every step of your breast surgery recovery, Marianne embraces your unique needs and enhances your well-being. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to confidence as you embark on your path to healing.

Firm Compression (Compression Level 2)

The Marianne bra is meticulously crafted to provide optimum support and compression precisely where you need it most. With its integrated support and compression zones, this remarkable bra ensures the best surgical result while reducing the risk of edema and post-surgical complications. Its compression level 2, characterized as firm, offers the perfect balance of support and comfort during your recovery journey.

mastectomy recovery bra with detachable Loops for Drainage Bulbs and Easy Examination

Ideal for Various Breast Surgeries and Recovery Needs

The Marianne bra is a medical device expertly designed for post-surgical use after various breast surgeries, including mastectomy and lumpectomy. Its thoughtful features cater to the unique needs of women during the delicate post-operative phase, where comfort, support, and compression are crucial for a smooth recovery.

  • Detachable Loops for Drainage Bulbs and Easy Examination: The Marianne bra features integrated loops that securely hold drainage bulbs, making it suitable for cases requiring post-surgical drainage. Its fully openable design allows easy examination of the surgical site, ensuring efficient monitoring of your healing progress without compromising comfort.
  • Adjustable Hook-and-Eye Front Opening and Shoulder Straps: With its front opening equipped with hook-and-eye fastenings and openable shoulder straps, the Marianne bra offers unparalleled convenience during application and post-op inspection. The two-column hook-and-eye fastening system enables you to adjust the level of compression to suit your comfort needs, while the wide front adjustable shoulder straps provide optimum support and comfort.
  • Breathable Fabric: The bra is crafted from a breathable fabric that prevents moisture build-up, ensuring a fresh and comfortable feel even during extended periods of wear.
  • 4-Way Stretch: The material of the Anna bra offers exceptional 4-way stretch, allowing it to adjust naturally to your body’s contours. This feature is particularly beneficial during post-surgical swelling and deswelling phases.
  • Latex-Free: With your well-being in mind, the Anna bra is latex-free, eliminating the risk of skin irritation. It is safe for both patients and caregivers.

“After my breast surgery, I was anxious about finding a bra that would provide the right support and comfort. That’s when I discovered MARIANNE. It’s like wearing a cloud! The compression is just right, and the seamless design prevents any irritation. It has truly made my recovery journey so much more comfortable.” – Ellen

5 Star Ratings

“I’ve had different breast surgeries over the years, and finding a bra that fits my changing shape has always been a challenge. MARIANNE has been a game-changer for me. Its inclusive design caters to all breast shapes, and the option to adjust the compression level through size selection is fantastic. Finally, I have a bra that truly supports me through my recovery.” – Samantha

5 Star Ratings

Your Unique Shape, Your Perfect Fit

We understand that every woman’s breast surgery journey is unique. That’s why the Marianne bra is thoughtfully designed to accommodate different breast shapes and surgical outcomes. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that you’ll find your perfect fit, regardless of the changes your body may undergo.

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