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Feel comfortable and confident every day with the help of F(oo)B™ breast forms from AnaOno. These bra inserts are ideal for wearing after a single or double mastectomy. They are so light that they don’t even weigh an ounce! The soft, bouncy, and flexible material never irritates the skin or weighs you down. Simply slip it into your pocketed bra to get a molded cup shape, achieving a B or C cup, that lays smoothly under all your clothes. Learn more about F(oo)B™ breast form inserts to find out why they’re a great option for recovery and beyond.


  • Achieves a B/C cup when inserted into bra pocket
  • Seamless
  • Molded foam breast insert
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Comfortable for all day wear
  • Sold individually for a single mastectomy
  • Sold in pairs for a double mastectomy
  • Sold by the wearer’s side
  • Hand wash or machine was on delicate as needed
  • Air dry to keep the shape
  • Do not suggest to use as swim form as it will retain water
  • Do not suggest laying against skin, best recommended use is inside pockets in bras and camisoles

Looking for a lightweight alternative to your breast prosthesis? Our F(oo)B™ insert can give you the balance and shape you desire. These breast forms offer an easy and comfortable solution for creating your desired look when you have a unilateral or flat chest.

These lightweight breast forms are ideal for everyday wear. Each one features a super-soft and lightweight foam material that keeps you cool. The seamless molded cup shape creates a smooth, natural appearance under clothing. Simply slip your F(oo)B™ insert into any pocketed bra from our post-mastectomy collection to achieve a balanced look.

These breast forms are light and flexible enough to be worn comfortably all day and are machine-washable for easy care. To achieve a B/C cup under your shirt or dress, just select a single insert or a pair based on your unique needs. Each of these light-as-air F(oo)B™ inserts are made for a specific side of the body for a more natural appearance.

Post-Mastectomy Breast Forms

While a breast prosthesis can be a great option for a more realistic look and feel, you may want a lightweight breast form alternative for everyday wear. F(oo)B™ breast forms are ideal for a lighter, airier feel that keeps you cool and comfortable. Unlike a silicone breast prosthesis, this product doesn’t feel heavy or dense. Made from soft material that moves with you, these breast forms can even be worn to sleep in if you’d like. The molded cup shape makes for a seamless appearance under your clothes. Simply slip it into any pocketed bra to get the balance, symmetry, and shape you desire. These forms are even machine washable for easy care.

Find Your Perfect Match

Whether you’ve had a single or a double mastectomy, F(oo)B™ breast forms are a great fit. The forms are sold individually for unilateral mastectomy patients, survivor and thrivers, so the wearer can choose their side (left or right), as well as sold in sets for those who have had double mastectomy that come with both a left and right insert. Choose from a range of size options to get a form that fits correctly. Choosing your band size is recommended. These soft bra inserts provide balance after a single mastectomy or a natural shape after a double mastectomy.