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The healincomfort recovery kit retails in stores for $129.96.
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Only $84.95 including shipping!

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Your Kit Includes:
Healincomfort Recovery Shirt
“Extra Set of Hands” Wrap-around
A KILI Carrier for shower use
Bad Hair Day Bandana

  • Add a Second Shirt and Save $25.00!

    smiling-sun-64Have One shirt in the wash while you are wearing the other. Add an additional healincomfort recovery shirt to your order and save $25 on the regular price.

    *Shirt Color:

    Please select a color for your second healincomfort shirt.

    *Shirt Size:

    Please select the size for your second healincomfort shirt.

    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 50 $
    *Shirts Size:

    Please select the size for your second healincomfort shirt.

    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 50 $
    *Shirts Size:

    Please select the size for your second healincomfort shirt.

    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 45 $
    • 50 $

What you get in your healincomfort mastectomy post-op recovery kit:

  •  The patented healincomfort® shirt

The healincomfort® recovery shirt, a patented design created by a breast cancer survivor, eases patient recovery from painful upper body surgeries including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction. The shirt will prove helpful for your post op recover, doctor visits, radiation, chemo, sleeping and daywear. This shirt, in combination with the full healincomfort kit, supplies the missing piece in the recovery puzzle. Now there’s a way to heal in comfort and dignity.

the healincomfort shirt features:

  • Soft as feathers moisture managing material

Your healincomfort® shirt is constructed with loving care, and containing key patented features aiding in recovery, this garment’s material was specially chosen to feel as soft as feathers against sensitive, healing skin. It’s moisture absorbing material keeps you both dry and comfortable.

  • Velcro-like fasteners

Because movement after surgery may be limited, and maneuvering buttons can be a painful challenge, each healincomfort shirt is fashioned with Velcro-like fasteners for ease of dressing.

  • Drain concealing pockets

If you return home with drainage tubes post-surgery, how do you effectively and painlessly manage them? Healincomfort Founder and shirt designer, Cherie B. Mathews, discovered after her double mastectomy that managing her drains was problematic. With this issue in mind, Cherie designed and patented the healincomfort shirt with four large internal pouches to discreetly conceal the surgical drains.  Look like a person not like a science experiment.

Also Included in your healincomfort kit:

  • A healincomfort® “Extra Set of Hands”

When you are strong enough to get up and about but still have your surgical drains, the healincomfort® waist tie-around pouch will be your ‘go-to’ resource. It is designed to help manage drains and important items during your re-entry into the real world during your recovery.

  • KILI Carrier for shower use

Developed by a Stage 4 Thriver, the Kili Shower Patch especially useful for keeping your surgical drains tucked away and out of your way while you shower.  It is a must have for when you are able to finally have your first shower and still have your surgical drains.

  • A ‘Bad Hair Day’ Head Wrap

For those bad hair days after surgery and for those No hair days this multi-functional bandana will also cover your head.

  • A copy of “my shadow story

Written by HealinComfort’s founder, Cherie B. Matthews, the Shadow Story is your affirmation of love written to help prepare you for that “first look” after your breast cancer surgery.

Healincomfort Shirt Sizing Information

The healincomfort shirt available in 5 roomy sizes!

The healincomfort shirt’s roomy size accommodates the patient’s need for privacy, with a fit similar to a men’s Hanes style regular T-Shirt.

(I am 130 5’6″ and I wear a medium.)

Please choose your size carefully…

The healincomfort recovery shirt is primarily used for post-surgery so we are not able to exchange nor refund your money. This assures every patient’s recovery shirt to be new and untouched. The need for the healincomfort shirt begins the day the patient is discharged from the hospital.

  • I loved the Heal in Comfort idea! I’m a nurse and I know that these kinds of things make a big difference to making people feel better in that healing time. Well done. 5-star rating

  • Cherie sometimes we think oh heck one person can't make a difference... you prove us so wrong. The world is a better place because of your passion and compassion. You are an ANGEL!! 5-star rating

  • Headed home finally! Wearing my heal in comfort shirt! Every woman or man needs one after surgery to upper body! BLESSED!! 5-star rating


Helpful for up to a year depending on treatment.

Your healincomfort shirt is helpful for post mastectomy, more discrete post-op doctor visits (no more paper capes!), radiation treatment and finally, reconstruction surgery.

The healincomfort Kit is designed to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more manageable and comfortable. The healincomfort Kit was developed by a 16 year breast cancer survivor/thriver Cherie B. Mathews after her own frustrating experience recovering from breast cancer surgery.  One day Cherie’s hope is that the healincomfort shirt will be part of the discharge process and a shirt will be given to every patient  just like a sling is given to the patient for a sprained elbow.


shipping information

  • Shipping Available Only within the USA
  • We ship USPS 2-3 day with tracking
  • If the orders come in before 12:00 they go out the same day.
  • Need your healincomfort kit shipped in a hurry? Express 2-Day Mail now available at checkout.

healincomfort tips

  • Ordering two healincomfort shirts will allow the patient to remain comfortable while the first shirt is in the wash.
  • Wash your shirt first before wearing – it only gets softer!
  • Please place your order at least 1 week before your surgery just to be safe!
  • We understand that emergencies happen and that in some cases you might not have a week’s notice. Please contact us if you have any questions about being about to get your healincomfort breast cancer recovery shirt in time.
  • Please remember the healincomfort recovery shirt is helpful for in some cases 12 months or more depending on the treatment. The patient usually has surgical drains for one to two weeks, post op doctor visits, radiation and reconstruction so a day delay won’t negate the usefulness of the shirt.

The healincomfort post-op recovery kit makes the perfect gift for a loved one. “Soft as Feathers” on a patient’s skin and the Same Price as Flowers!

Helpful Hints for Before and After Your Mastectomy

  • Read “My Shadow Story”
  • Order your healincomfort post-operative kit.
  • Use a bed wedge when you get home or reclining chair.
  • Use the shower lanyard for hands free shower drainage tube management.
  • Move items that you will need to a lower location, no reaching over your head.
  • Use your healincomfort shirt for post op visits say no to paper capes.
  • Use the drain pouch to help manage the drains.
  • Stay away from germs! (see below for helpful links)
  • Read only positive information, bathe your mind in positive confessions.
  • Surround yourself with ONLY POSITIVE people. Listen to happy music.
  • Eat healthy foods, Sleep 8 hours, mild exercise-short walks, a little sun.
  • What about when you’re in PUBLIC places? I found this article to help you understand what to avoid while in treatment.
  • Ok I’m not a germaphobe BUT if you’re in treatment it is VERY important to stay as germ free as possible so I found some helpful links in Prevention Magazine for you.

Our mission:
to help women heal in comfort and dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer.

More from Our Customers...

  • I loved the Heal in Comfort idea! I’m a nurse and I know that these kinds of things make a big difference to making people feel better in that healing time. Well done. 5-star rating

  • I got my shirt!!! I got the healincomfort kit! I’m so excited to have this for my surgery. It’s so pretty and soft and I love “Be Brave and Fight Like a Girl!" It makes me actually look forward to wearing it. I will have 4 drains. I will go for a walk and look for my shadow. 5-star rating

  • I wore my healincomfort shirt that Cherie Mathews send me from www.healincomfort.com. It had pockets for all drains which made it so nice. The nurses at the hospital loved it!! Everyone loved there were no buttons!! 2 hard on meds! 5-star rating

  • Everything in the kit has made my life so much easier and I am so thankful to you and your team. I am over the moon with this kit – could not make it without everything in it! Thanks healincomfort! 5-star rating

  • Just wanted to tell you that my healincomfort shirt is so smelly because I've hardly taken it off this whole week after my mastectomy last Thursday!! Thank you for such a wonderful shirt!!! 5-star rating

  • Headed home finally! Wearing my heal in comfort shirt! Every woman or man needs one after surgery to upper body! BLESSED!! 5-star rating

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