Not that thank you encompassed my gratitude,

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I am always so thankful when people take the time to send me a little email during such a stressful time,
An email I received today…

Hello Cherie,

My name is Kim and I am Kristine …k’s sister (the lady you had lunch with today).  I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to meet and speak with her and my mother. I believe you gave each of them peace,  I know you have helped her to have more courage, which she was seeking.  I have been trying to give my sister links to support groups and other information (such as your website) to help in some small way, as our mother will be her main caretaker.

I am glad to know that there are people who have courage and will take the time to help another through the most challenging of times.  You are a blessing and may you continue to be blessed in your life!

Mary Anne Connolly
1:41 pm

Cherie is one of the most energetic, dynamic, fearless, amazing, warm, funny, REAL and passionate women in Austin! Her mission with healincomfort is a natural and direct extension of her own personal experience with breast cancer and her genuine gift of wanting to help others and empower women in their daily lives. I am honored to call her one of my newest friends and we at austinwoman magazine are so proud to have her as our 2010 Small Business Grant Award Winner. Go Cherie, Go!!!

Sherry Williams
12:13 pm

Cherie has a huge compassionate heart and a passion for others that is unparalleled. She is present for humanity and is making a difference for those going through the rigors of cancer treatments with supportive humor and info.

Brandy Rainey-Amstel
12:05 pm

Cherie is an awesome being and I am very grateful to be on this planet with her. She makes a difference.

Jan Goss
9:37 am

Cherie is as beautiful inside as out. She is a true world changer, a brilliant problem solver, and passionate lover of people. She brings life to everyone she comes in contact with. Cherie is the real deal.

Karen Manceau
9:20 am

A woman of passion and purpose committed to serving others! Cherie is a woman of integrity and I am honored to know to know. Her.

Judith Dudley
9:18 am

Cherie is an amazing woman – committed, determined, patient, generous, creative, considerate, loyal, caring, honest, trustworthy, and beautiful on the inside and out!

Linda E. Welch Waggoner
7:59 am

Cherie is an awesome survivor who wants nothing more than to help other breast cancer patients get the dignity and comfort they so deserve after having a mastectomy!!! Check out her web site

Susan Gross
7:49 am

Cherie is AWESOME!!! She provides something for those in need that no one else could ever understand. Thank you for what you do!!!

Lisa Colegrove Copeland
7:42 am

Cherie is an amazing and passionate business women. She is smart, sassy and beautiful!! I love having her in my corner and as my friend!!!

Anna Robles Cummins
7:23 am

I have witnessed Cherie’s passion, compassion and determination to help others heal in comfort. Because of this , I am committed to Cherie, an angel to many, to help. She has an amazing “Gift A Shirt” program that makes it easy breezy to give the gift of comfort to a woman that is going through the pain & anxiety of breast cancer. Cherie, has gone above and beyond by notifying me each time my gift was gifted. It is a direct connection to that person. It is like an embrace and it fills my heart with love. Thank you Cherie for you vision and tenacity.
XO Anna Cummins , Austin, TX

Laurie Fryar
7:01 am

You are a Rock Star!

Awesome Sisters! Please pass along my friend, Cherie Mathews new website. Cherie is a breast cancer survivor and is passionately committed to helping other women. Fearlessly support her, Awesome fearless sisters!

Fearless Women Please pass along my friend, Cherie Mathews new website. Cherie is a breast cancer survivor and is passionately committed to helping other women. Fearlessly support her, fearless sisters!

Cherie understands the fear and worry in dealing with an illness. Her desire to provide healing comfort shirts for women is compassionate and fills a need for these women. Kudos to you Cherie for having such a caring heart. Her website is awesome, give it a look.

Laura Goldenschue
2:54 pm

Cherie is there for you. She understands.

Pat Henneberry3:02 pm

Cherie rocks!

Carol Eckelkamp3:00 pm

Cherie knows how to take a bad experience, glean the good from it and turn around and help others from what she learned. Her project to help others heal in comfort after devastating surgery is proof of this quality. Contact her if you know someone who needs a Heal In Comfort Shirt or if you want to help all of us see that no one goes without one of these shirts in their time of need. Together we can make this happen!

Sarah Walling Ball

4:04 pm

Cherie is doing an incredible job of taking a very stressful, painful situation, and providing comfort, hope, and healing. She’s awesome! The shirts are wonderful, lightweight, and she is a pleasure to do business with.

LisaBeth Thomas

3:49 pm

Cherie Matthews has the largest heart I know. Daily she looks for ways to selflessly help others. Her soul is beautiful and I’m a better person for knowing her.
When you meet Cherie Mathews, you know you’ve met someone special. She’s one of those people everyone just wants to be around. She’s dynamic, positive and full of life but all of that pales in comparison to her enthusiasm as she shares the passion she has as she shares her mission to help woman fighting cancer. Most people would be happy to have survived breast cancer, but Cherie took her experience and used it to help others. Spend a couple of minutes with Cherie, and you’ll wonder how you can help her. Are you supportive of women who have been diagnosed and want a “Support Crew” shirt or a “Be Brave – Fight Like a Girl” shirt? Do you want to give a “Healincomfort” shirt to someone you know personally? Are you a business deciding to join the “Gift a Shirt” program? The World needs to hear about Cherie], but in the meantime, I recommend that you make it a point to share in her compassionate journey. You’ll be glad you did!Again, not that thank you encompassed my gratitude, but I am unable to find another set of words that is more appropriate.



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