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15 Breast-Cancer-Inspired Reinventions

These women used their fight against breast cancer as inspiration to launch enterprises—nonprofits and for-profits—to help others.
by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson

Conquer the Fear

CherieMathewsBefore: Cherie B. Mathews worked for IBM in Research and Development, and then became a teacher so she could spend more time with her family.

Her Diagnosis: With no history of breast cancer, 15% body fat and a fitness fanatic, Mathews was stunned by her breast cancer diagnosis. “I became very angry, like an intruder had broken into my home and threatened to kill me and harm my family.”

Her Reinvention: When the time came for her to leave the hospital after a double mastectomy, she was advised to wear a loose-fitting man’s shirt. Shocked to realize that there were no attractive, roomy clothes for women to wear while healing from their operations, she founded Heal in Comfort, a company that sells garments allowing women to be comfortable and maintain their dignity while healing.