Mastectomy Recovery Clothing: The Recovery Shirt with Drain Pockets

The Original, Award Winning, and Patented Mastectomy Recovery Shirt with Drain Pockets

Recovery Clothing Designed for Comfort and Drain Management. Invented by a 20+ Year Survivor with Real Patient Comfort in Mind.

Over 75 thousand patients already know that this one purchase was the best pre-op planning decision that they made.

Healincomfort’s patented mastectomy shirts are specifically designed to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more comfortable. Our Breast Cancer Shirts are an essential piece in your mastectomy recovery and drain management.

Whether having a full mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstructive surgery or explant surgery, you need some adaptive clothing to allow for ease of dressing and to manage your surgical drains.

Our shirt is the #1 mastectomy recovery solution for:

  • Single or double mastectomy,
  • During radiation treatments,
  • Breast reconstruction surgery, and
  • Explant surgery

At Healincomfort, We are in the Business of Providing Comfort & Dignity to Breast Cancer Patients.

Our patented healincomfort shirt is designed to allow you to convalesce in comfort and with dignity and is perfect to wear to all your appointments and treatments, which can last 6 months or longer.  It’s comfortable to lounge or sleep in which is why so many of our customers buy two.  One to wear and one to have in the wash.

The recovery shirt is for the breast cancer patients out there, women about to have a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, explant surgery, or any upper body surgery that will require drain management tubes during recovery. This Shirt Is For You. Do not waste any more time or risk buying inferior imitations. Heal comfortably and with dignity in the soft as feathers, easy to dress, makes you feel like a human again healincomfort recovery shirt. Click this link right now – and buy your recovery shirt.

Look, and feel, like a real person, not a science experiment.

The Healincomfort Recovery Shirt

A proven, patented design created by a 20+ year breast cancer survivor, eases patient recovery from painful upper body surgeries including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction. 


The Mastectomy Recovery Kit

The Ultimate Care Package. The Healincomfort Recovery Kit includes over $100 worth of vital items to make your recovery more manageable and you more comfortable: Healincomfort Mastectomy Shirt, an “Extra Set of Hands” Wrap-around Drain Management Belt,  a Drain Management Pouch for the Shower, a special Bad Hair Day Bandanna and a copy of “my shadow story”

There’s No Better Way to Heal in Comfort & with Dignity!


Healincomfort Mastectomy Shirts are specifically designed to help you recovery more comfortably and with less pain following your mastectomy.

Mastectomy Patients need clothing to wear that is; comfortable, loose fitting, super soft. holds and conceals post-mastectomy surgical drains, and easy to get on and off after surgery and during follow up exams.

  • 4 internal pockets to manage mastectomy drains

If you return home with drainage tubes after your surgery, how do you effectively and painlessly manage them? Healincomfort founder and shirt designer, Cherie B. Mathews, discovered after her double mastectomy that managing her drains was problematic. With this issue in mind, Cherie designed The Recovery Shirt with four internal pouches, concealing drains and increasing mobility.

  • super soft, itch resistant, moisture control material

Your recovery shirt, constructed with loving care, contains key patented features aiding in recovery, this garment’s material was specially chosen to feel as soft as feathers against sensitive, healing skin. Its moisture absorbing material keeps you both dry and comfortable.

  • Pain-free velcro-like fasteners instead of snaps or buttons.

Movement after surgery is limited, and maneuvering buttons can be a painful challenge, each post-op recovery shirt is fashioned with Velcro-like fasteners for ease of dressing.

Helpful For Mastectomy Recovery, More Discrete Post-Op Doctor Visits (No More Paper Capes!),
Radiation Treatment and through your Reconstruction Surgery.

Healincomfort breast cancer drain management shirts are designed to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more comfortable. The healincomfort shirt was developed by an 20+ year breast cancer survivor/thriver Cherie B. Mathews after her own frustrating experience recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Here’s why this post mastectomy clothing is such a vital part of your recovery process…

Healincomfort: Where Innovation Meets Patient Advocacy.

Healincomfort benefits post-mastectomy-detail

Drain tubes are attached to the patient up to one month after mastectomy.

4 internal pockets discreetly conceal medical equipment

Loss of mobility makes getting dressed difficult.

Velcro-like fasteners makes it easy to put on or take off.

Skin irritation after surgery and during radiation treatments.

Soft as feathers fabric keeps your skin comfortable

The Healincomfort Recovery Shirt Is

Created from experience. Designed with patient comfort in mind.

My name is Cherie B. Mathews, a 20+ year breast cancer survivor, and I designed the Heal In Comfort Shirt after discovering there wasn’t any ‘standardized’ adaptive clothing provided after breast cancer surgery. The feather soft moisture management material is essential for comfort. Four large internal pockets help to conceal and manage your jp drains so you look like a person and not a science experiment. Getting dressed is a challenge, so the velcro-like fasteners make independent dressing super easy.

Cherie B Mathews Inventor of Healincomfort Mastectomy Recovery Shirt

Feel like a person – Not a science experiment!

The healincomfort mastectomy recovery shirt will be helpful for up to a full year, depending on treatment.

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Now, Each Recovery Shirt Includes
a World of Recovery Right at Your Fingertips!

Use your smart phone to scan the ELI code and explore, learn and share some of the Worlds’ most powerful and helpful technology because no one should face cancer uninformed nor feel alone!

Patented Design because You Deserve to Recover in Comfort & Dignity!


Healincomfort is honored to have assisted over 75,000 women (and men) recover in comfort & with dignity in their battle against breast cancer!

customers wearing mastectomy shirts

Here’s what a few of them had to say about the healincomfort shirt:

“Everything in the kit has made my life so much easier and I am so thankful to you and your team. I am over the moon with this kit – could not make it without everything in it! Thanks healincomfort!”
5 star rating

“I cannot believe that it took so long for someone to make this shirt for breast cancer patients! I wish there was one when my grandmother had her surgery.”
5 star rating

“I got my shirt!!! I got the healincomfort kit! I’m so excited to have this for my surgery. It’s so pretty and soft and I love “Be Brave and Fight Like a Girl!” It makes me actually look forward to wearing it. I will have 4 drains. I will go for a walk and look for my shadow.”
5 star rating

“Another surgery this Monday, thank goodness I have this incredibly comfortable shirt I bought to recover in. If you know anyone going through breast cancer surgery the recovery shirt is a must have.”
5 star rating

“The nurses at Seton Williamson were blown away by the healincomfort shirts that mom wore these past couple weeks! They even handed out information to a few other patients. Mom was in for two different surgeries and had her shirts with her both times.”
5 star rating

“I’ve worn your wonderfully made shirt more times than I wish I had to, but was so glad to have it! Necessity is the mother of invention and thank God for this invention from
5 star rating

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