Rest in Comfort while you Recover with Our Selection of Post Surgery Mastectomy Pillows

We want to make your recovery as easy and comfortable as possible. That is why Healincomfort now offers the most comfortable collection of mastectomy pillows for your recovery for both your bed and for traveling in comfort. You deserve it.

Rest is important to keeping your recovery on track.

The importance of rest after your mastectomy cannot be stressed enough both for your physical and your mental recovery. Don’t push yourself too hard. Listen to your body. Allow yourself time to recover, to heal.

You may find that you need more sleep than usual. That’s OK! You deserve it. Your body has a lot of healing it needs to do. Remember, your body does the majority of its healing while you slumber so rest when you’re tired. But more importantly – rest comfortably. Your doing some hard work while you do – 

That sleep is helping to keep your immune system strong and protect you from other conditions, it replenishes your energy and supports tissue growth and regeneration.

rest in comfort

Post Surgery Pillows: Build Your Mastectomy Recovery Nest & Get Plenty of Rest!

Comfortable sleep is essential for healing after surgery. Here are some mastectomy recovery must haves.

Sleep Again Mastectomy Pillow System

For The Recovery Sleep Your Body Needs

The Sleep Again Pillow System is specifically developed to support your recovery journey. The patent-pending design provides ideal back, arm and neck support required for post-surgical back sleeping. Every Sleep Again Pillow System includes five pieces:

  • Two Contoured Side Pillows to cradle back & hips
  • Upper Body Wedge for optimal body incline
  • Leg Support Wedge to gently elevate legs
  • Head Pillow to provide head support
  • Removable, washable slipcovers for every piece

The Shell Pillow for Mastectomy Recovery

The Perfect Under Arm Pillow for Mastectomy Recovery

No one anticipates having a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Yet it’s estimated that 1 in every 8 women will undergo breast cancer surgery at some point in her life. That’s why The Shell Pillow was created. It fits perfectly under your arm to provide comfort and relief while recovering from breast cancer surgery, so you can rest in comfort.

  • Made with 100% cotton fabric and filled with premium polyester fill.
  • Includes a matching removable washable cover.

Mastectomy Seat Belt Pillow

Cushioned Seat Belt Post Surgery Pillow

A ride home after a major chest, abdominal, or shoulder surgery shouldn’t be unbearable, but the seatbelt often irritates stitches and tender areas. Never sacrifice safety in your vehicle because of a painful seatbelt. Now you can be safe in your car as well as comfortable with The Breast & Chest Buddy Seat Belt Cushion.

You’ll be amazed at the cushioning inside! It is super soft, flexible, and shock absorbing. Even when you’re going over speed bumps, The Breast & Chest Buddy protects you. It is enclosed in an ultra-soft fabric so it feels amazing on the skin. Sit comfortably, no matter how long the trip.

Port-a-Pal Chemo Port Pillows

Cushioned Seat Belt Chemo Port Pillow

A Seat Belt Cushion Specifically Designed for Portable Catheter And Chemotherapy Patients.

The unique design of the Port-a-Pal, with the circular area cut-out in the foam, it “nestles” your port-a-cath site, rather than sits atop it, which can cause unnecessary  pressure and inflammation. Designed for bilateral use.

Restore You Support Wedge Pillow

Sleep Better : Heal Faster! Sleep in the comfort of your own bed and obtain the proper support you need to receive a restorative night’s sleep. Sleep Deprivation is the number one problem in recovery and exacerbates every aspect of your recovery. There is overwhelming evidence the quality of your sleep is the most important aspect in your recovery process. Ensuring you get the proper quantity and quality of sleep will do more to improve your recovery process than any other thing you can do.

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