Mastectomies hurt! healincomfort is here to help.

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Having surgery for breast cancer?

heal in comfort post op kit = up to 30 days of help

heal in comfort post op kit = up to 30 days of help

Order your healincomfort kit!

Great News! and Beyond The Boobie Trap have Teamed up to create the PERFECT heal in comfort Survival post-op Kit!

Cherie B Mathews and Genae Girard are breast cancer survivors and we have been there and done that! We are collaborating to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. We offer together a complete Kit that includes Genae’s book Off The Rack and some PDF helpful downloads.

The post op equipment will be VERY HELPFUL and allow you to just concentrate on healing instead worrying about how to manage.

To visit Beyond The Boobie Trap please click the blue tab below and go to “having surgery? button” this will show and describe everything in the “KIT”

Beyond The Boobie Trap.

Note:If you just want the post operative equipment go to my “STORE” on this website (top tabs) and buy up to 30 days of help for about $1.50 per day. You will receive the heal in comfort shirt with 4 internal pockets for the drains (movement will be painful so getting dressed is difficult) it is also great for post op visits. Privacy will matter, no more crinkly paper capes! You will receive the heal in comfort drain pouch (to hold the drains) very helpful for when you can wear your own clothing again and want to conceal the drains. You will receive the healincomfort shower lanyard which will be a must to help hold the drains while you have a shower. Be Brave and Fight Like a Girl! Cherie

Click here to watch what offers to patients, learn why I do what I do to help .

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