Healincomfort.com® is a reality due to the hard work, love and support of the following Angels who, like me, believe women should be able to recover from breast cancer surgery in comfort and dignity.

Everyone knows the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Well, I think this is also true when it comes to creating a socially responsible business.  It takes a strong group of intelligent, compassionate and dedicated people to help create a business dedicated to helping people in their time of need.  A business of vision and passion can not be constructed in the regular fashion — it must encompass the voices of the people.

The following people  listed below have offered their hearts, council, encouragement, and support in this growth period of healincomfort.com  LLC.

I am truly thankful and grateful for my amazing Angel Volunteers and could not have done this without them.

Thank you,

Healincomfort’s Angel Advisors 

Angel Volunteers

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