OCTOBER is BREAST CANCER awareness month and I am so honored to be on the cover of Occhio Appello October Issue 2017.

What a blessing to work with Imiko Miller, Zelinda Richards and Karen Werner Cudzilo.  We all worked hard to get the message across that #breastcancer is not about pink bears, tutus and balloons rather you have to fight constantly the fear that tries to creep in and take over your mind.

***Early detection is much better than late detection. Think about removing a grain of salt vs a pingpong ball. Please get checked out and know that self examination finds 40% !!

The message in the magazine is turning a bad to a good for others and the wild and exciting journey of entrepreneurship. I started www.healincomfort.com with $1,000 to help 100 #Austin patients which has turned into 15,000 souls.

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