“I thank you so much for helping me to help….

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Hi Cherie,

I just have returned from giving my neighbor, Nancy, her shirt and cards.  I raced home to put on my Support Crew Shirt and went directly over there.  Her sister greeted me, and Nancy came walking into the living room.  The response was just as you stated, from noticing my SUPPORT CREW Shirt, to reading the card I wrote her, and then showed them your postcard, explained your story, and gave her the shirt as I demo’d how it worked.

Both Nancy and her sister exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, we have been dealing with these dang tubes all day!!!” She had tried putting them in a fanny pack, but they were so heavy (she has 2 on each side/4 total) and was struggling to get comfortable w/her new mandatory companions.

I am SO very glad you encouraged me to meet with you this evening rather than wait another day!!

To top it all off, I read her your shadow story, and she broke down and cried….as did her sister.  She told me she had already had a couple moments in front of the mirror today…… ” Cherie, I thank you so much for helping me to help someone else to give some comfort, reassurance, and support feels wonderful….and is so appreciated by such a wonderful woman, my neighbor, Nancy. The joy you brought her, you brought also to me.

You do indeed live up to your name…..(from one french named person to another)!

Hope to see you again soon, a million thanks warmly,


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