…Leslie’s excited!

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Hey Cherie!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the shirt and cards and goodies and really want to thank you for doing that. Leslie actually said that she is “excited”!  First of all, to be in such good company (told her you were making a shirt for Lance and Leslie) and secondly, to have something “girly” to wear home because she was getting ready to use her husband’s shirts.

Hey, does the lanyard thing really work? It’s for the drainage tubes, right? Do they just lay inside the loop of the lanyard or the actual metal clip?  Well, I’m going to give her the shirt tomorrow and her surgery is Thursday.

Cherie’s reply:

The lanyard’s metal clip holds the tube part of the drains, so pinch the clip and place both tubes through the clip, with the drain bulbs laying together in front against the stomach. This way getting changed and having a shower is so much easier because your hands are free. She won’t be able to lift her arms over her head for a while 🙁   After she has been home for a couple of days, send her my Shadow Story to encourage her and visit my website so she can see the Fox 7 News clip – hopefully it will be a comfort. I should have sent two lanyards, one for daytime and the other for showers. Let me know how she is doing and if she needs to connect to someone who has been there, please give her my cell.

Bye for now,


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