Cherie Mathews to Present at the Global Woman Summit

Global Woman Club, the fastest growing global networking community for women in business, is holding the fifth annual Global Woman Summit 2021 in London UK.

Join us on 5th and 8th March, for a unique event, with a line-up of outstanding speakers blazing a trail of transformation, empowerment and leadership development, who will be part of an amazing two-day experience of enlightenment, education, and entertainment, networking with a global audience of successful achievers.

Cherie is a former IBMer in the field of Computer Engineering Technology and research and development. She worked on special projects for NASA and reversed engineered the latest technology before it went to market.

Cherie believes it is truly possible to change the world by taking ideas that solve problems and putting action behind these ideas to watch them grow. A wonderful example of this is when she and her best friend co-pioneered a USA school-wide program to help underserved students in public schools called the National School Program of The First Tee that started with only 48 student test pilot and successfully helped reach a total of 10 million young people.

Cherie is also a twenty-year breast cancer survivor and “cancerpreneur” and turned a bad thing into a good thing for others. She is the Founder and CEO of an Austin, Texas-based company called Healincomfort that has won many Innovative Awards and has been nationally and internationally recognized. The name of her company Healincomfort, appropriately named because from personal experience it was the last thing that occurred.

Healincomfort is committed to helping women and men (yes men get breast cancer too) heal in comfort and with dignity after mastectomy surgery in the battle against breast cancer with her award-winning, patented, a post-operative garment that allows the patient to look like a person and not a science experiment.

This solution also helps manage the patient’s medical drains, securely and discreetly out of sight. Cherie chose to bootstrap her business as a social experiment with one thousand dollars to learn if people still believed in a good product would they share it with others and whether it was possible to grow a business organically and by word of mouth.

The Healincomfort recovery garment holds two USA patents, one global patent-pending, five USA Trademarks. Healincomfort was first created to help one hundred local Austin, Texas patients, which has turned into helping over 41,000 patients heal in comfort and with dignity throughout the USA. Recent awards and recognition include the honor of being a 2021 Global Woman Start-Up pitch judge, 2020 Global Woman Summit Judge, 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Male Breast Cancer Coalition, 2018 winner of the Exceptional Surprise Global Woman Inspirational Award, 2016 Woman’s Way Business Award winner for Product Innovation.

Healincomfort was one of the top SBA National finalists for the 2015 InnovateHER business pitch competition in Washington DC, winner of the 2015 Texas Women In Business Philanthropy, and winner of the 2014 Award and Austin Woman Chamber of Commerce Blazing Star Award. Healincomfort was a Certified Woman-Owned Business with WBENC, WOSB, HUB, and nationally recognized as a WBENC Lillie Knox Foundation Award winner.

Cherie is an active member of the Amazing Women Alliance, a Life member of Global Woman Club, Texas Women in Business. The USA and international speaker in London England for “Undefeeted -Achieve the Impossible.” An active in angel investing in Women-Owned Businesses and start-ups such as, On The Dot Global, eXp Reality with Lisa Copeland, and (ETT) Economic Transformation Technologies.

Cherie also serves as an advisor and partner for an exciting new patented dynamic QR innovation called Envision ELI Technology and has incorporated ELI technology into her post-mastectomy Healincomfort recovery garments which is a first in the world. This disruptive technology offers breakthrough enhanced technology all within a simple one-second scan that delivers to the patient in the privacy of their own home the most powerful cancer-fighting and informative platforms in the world so they can better navigate through this difficult disease.

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