Breast Cancer Mastectomy Recovery Shirts
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For the same price as Flowers,
Give the Gift of Comfort.

Patients need something to wear that is comfortable, loose fitting, super soft, holds and conceals surgical drains and is easy to get on and off after surgery, during follow up exams.

The healincomfort recovery shirt is a patented design created by a 17 Year Breast Cancer Survivor to eases patient recovery from painful upper body surgeries including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction.


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Healing Pink

Recovery Blue

Warrior Black

Helpful for post mastectomy, more discrete post-op doctor visits (no more paper capes!), radiation treatment and finally, reconstruction surgery.


Over 15,000 Patients Satisfied!


Here’s what a few of them had to say about the healincomfort recovery shirt:

“I loved the recovery shirt!
I’m a nurse and I know that these kinds of things make a big difference to making people feel better in that healing time. Well done!”
5 star rating

“I cannot believe that it took so long for someone to make this post-operative shirt for breast cancer patients! I wish there was one when my grandmother had her mastectomy.”

“I can’t believe how much easier and more comfortable I am with my shirt for this surgery than I did without one for my first. Thank you so much for creating this!”

“Another surgery this Monday, thank goodness I have this incredibly comfortable shirt I bought to recover in. If you know anyone going through breast cancer surgery the recovery shirt is a must have.”

Cherie B. Mathews
Inventor of the Healincomfort Shirt

Patented. Proven. Patient Comfort.

Created from experience. Designed with patient comfort in mind.

My name is Cherie B. Mathews and I designed the Heal In Comfort shirt after discovering there wasn’t any ‘standardized’ adaptive clothing provided after surgery. The feather soft moisture management material is essential for comfort. Four large internal pockets conceal the surgical drains so you look like a person and not a science experiment. Getting dressed is a challenge, so the velcro-like fasteners make independent dressing super easy.

Recover from your mastectomy in comfort.

Feel like a person – Not a science experiment! The healincomfort recovery shirt and kit are Helpful for up to a full year, depending on treatment.

Doctor Recommended.

“This patient clothing is brilliant! We always used safety pins for the JP drains. Needless to say, this is a wonderful idea and I hope every patient in the world wears one — they should! Anything to improve patient outcomes is a welcomed addition. Pain Control, functional clothing and comfort are vital components. Make an unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible will be greatly appreciated by patients and their families.”
Dr. Steven L. Snodgrass
Board Certified Surgeon, Member of the American Medical Association, Former Chief of Surgery, HCA Greenview hospital, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

It’s hard to know how to help a breast cancer patient.
What do you do to truly help?


The healincomfort recovery shirt is a wonderful way to show your love and support to a friend or family member during their battle with breast cancer.  For the same price as flowers you can give the gift of comfort.

This award winning and patented post operative recovery shirt is helpful for up to a full year – depending on treatment.  Post mastectomy/drain management/post-op doctor visits/radiation and reconstruction surgery.

For the Price of flowers, Give the Gift of Comfort!

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