Here are a list of blogs, support groups and resource sites written by and for breast cancer survivors. It is our hope that you find support and comfort from the blogs and resources below. We will be working to continually update this list, to offer you more support, wisdom and knowledge.

If you know of any blogs, online support groups, or resource website dedicated to Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Recovery and / or Breast Cancer related topics, please contact us so that we can get them on our list and share them with others.

Breast Cancer? But Doctor… I Hate Pink!

Blogging her life with breast cancer, from suspicion to diagnosis to treatment. Now livin’ the Stage IV Lifestyle! Terminal Cancer can be funny. Just not for very long. If you need help, if you want to talk to somebody who has cancer, who has incurable cancer and is still going,  if you have any questions about what she experienced during treatment,  all you have to do is ask Ann.  She is very open about it all! 

Breast Cancer Crusaders

This Facebook Companion Blog, coupled with the Facebook community page, Victorious Val & the Breast Cancer Crusaders, connects survivors, co-survivors and supporters through an online community of encouragement and kindness. It offers a real-life glimpse into the personal experiences of breast cancer survivors and is ideal for those who do not have access to support groups, others who prefer online to in-person, or anyone seeking additional support to the services they already utilize. This network is different from a question and answer forum, and is primarily a place to lift each other up and feel supported both during and after the cancer process. This page does not offer medical advice, but instead, provides access to emotional support critical in overcoming cancer. These blog contributors share their journeys to promote hope among the 1 in 8 who will be afflicted with this evil villain, breast cancer. Welcome, Cancer Crusaders!

Carolines’ Breast Cancer Blog

Caroline has her own list of aches, pains, and the cancer bug, but she’s not letting it stop her. This survivor has a few bones to pick with the medical community, though, and she’s not letting anything slide. Advocate, blogger, and awareness junkie extraordinaire, Caroline has big plans for cancer: its end.

Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog has no shortage of provocative, detailed discussion about what’s new in breast cancer treatments, diagnosis, and everything else she feels motivated to scrutinize. Cancer should know by now that Caroline does what she wants – and does it well!


ChemoBabe is not about pretty pink ribbons. It’s about fighting in mortal combat against the enemy of the century. To this impassioned blogger, beating cancer is as much due to your state of mind as to the chemotherapy. Thankfully, her state of mind is ready for a hardcore battle.

Her writing is touching and gripping, her emotions are raw and compelling, and her goal is a noble one. The warrior within each woman with breast cancer will find renewed energy and food for the fight of their lives at ChemoBabe. No whip required.


Chemobrain is something many breast cancer patients can relate to – blogger AnneMarie especially so. A survivor with a passion for helping others, she has brought her blog a long way in the past few years. She makes no apologies for her opinions on treatment, healing, and surviving.

Strong advocacy and character meet verve and pep on Chemobrain. Stop by to stay up on breast cancer research, treatment news, and the opinions of a woman who has her life – and her cancer – under control. One thing is for sure – she’s got the spirit of a survivor.

Darn Good Lemonade

Making Lemonade from my pair of lemons, diagnosed at 30 & Life beyond Breast Cancer

Mandi may have been handed one awful pair of lemons, but she sure is determined to make someDarn Good Lemonade. Getting the bad news at just 30 years old is one tough break, but this brave woman has weathered the storm with a smile on her face (most of the time).

Follow Mandi’s inspiring story as she works through the readjustment phase and offers her tips to other women going through diagnosis, surgery, hair loss, chemo, and the works. She has landed on her feet and is helping others do the same – stop by for some Darn Good Lemonade!

The Healincomfort Recovery Kit

Helpful for post mastectomy, more discrete post-op doctor visits (no more paper capes!), radiation treatment and finally, reconstruction surgery.


Dr. Elisabeth Potter

Dr. Elisabeth Potter completed her undergraduate studies at Princeton University with a focus in molecular biology. She received her medical degree from the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Following a Plastic Surgery Integrated Residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, she completed a Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Fellowship with MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. Her website’s blog is filled with valuable information!

I Survived Damn Near Everything

Life is not about just surviving, we all do that in some form. It is about how we thrive after we survive that matters…

Carol Senek meant what she said when she picked I Survived Damn Near Everything as her blog title. Spunky, courageous, and funny, this is one breast cancer survivor who has dug her heels in the sand and taken a true liking to the mantra “Never say die.”

She knows firsthand that life often gives lemons, but even with a second lump under investigation, she is still planning to make some killer lemonade. This blog is not for the faint-hearted, but then again, most breast cancer survivors don’t have that problem. Rock on, Carol.

Let Life Happen

A breast cancer and domestic abuse survivor trying to inspire.

This blog covers so much more than breast cancer; it examines all of the things that matter in women’s lives, whether they are fighting them tooth and nail or sitting back to Let Life Happen. Stop by for inspiration, motivation, and an excellent reminder of what life is all about.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is truly about living. Dedicated to helping women live as long and as well as possible despite breast cancer, the organization works to promote health, healing, peace, and companionship. Visit this site for hope and a wonderful compilation of personal success stories and opportunities to get involved.

Every woman deserves to live beyond her cancer, to achieve her dreams and goals despite a terrible setback. With this group ready and waiting in the wings, that happy outcome will be a whole lot more doable for women across the country.

Miracle Survivors

Inspiration and information for cancer thrivers

Miracle Survivors is the brainchild of mother and author Tami Boehmer. When she faced a deadly diagnosis, she went in search of people who had been there, done that, and lived to tell about it. She put their stories into a terrific book and then, soon enough, she joined the ranks of Miracle Survivors.

Learn how Tami overcame her greatest fears and her worst medical news to embrace a life of positivity, hope, and determination. Share in her reflections and inspirational stories by reading her blog, and take comfort in the knowledge that you, too, can become a Miracle Survivor.

My Breast Cancer Blog

My Breast Cancer Blog is full of thoughtful comments about life with a dark passenger: breast cancer. Jacki has recovered from the physical blight of her cancer, but it is clear in her powerful posts that once it has made an entrance, life is never the same. She has a singular take on the aftermath of this illness, and her photographs and pithy reflections put everything in perspective.

My Breast Cancer Blog speaks of one woman’s daily life, but after a few minutes of browsing, readers will discover that Jacki’s experiences are those of survivors everywhere. Thanks for putting words to them!

My Fabulous Boobies

A single sista regaining her life, looking for love and learning to go with the flow.. after fighting breast cancer.

My Journey Past Breast Cancer

This is my journey and my journal. It is my way of dealing, coping, sharing. It just IS! This is all out war ~ war against breast cancer; IDC to be exact: Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. Thank you for everyone’s prayers, love and support. I receive them with open and loving arms. My wish is that I will gain strength from you; and that I will provide strength to others and help to strip away some of the fear we each experience.

Nancy’s Point: A Blog About Breast Cancer and Loss

Nancy Stordahl knows about breast cancer from more than one point of view. After losing her mother to it in 2008, she adjusted to life with her own diagnosis in 2010. Nancy’s Point takes a unique perspective, since this blogger can speak both about the grief of losing a parent to breast cancer and the stress of handling her own diagnosis and treatment.

Follow her on her poignant journey, enjoy photos of the lake and her furry friends, and stay informed about the latest in breast cancer news. Nothing gets past Nancy!

Not Just About Cancer

What happens when you are 38 years old, write for a living and are diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer? Well, if you’re me, you start a blog. When the cancer spreads to your liver? Keep writing. When the “spectacular” happens and you learn that tumours have disappeared? Turn it all into a book. And you go on living your life. Because life is good.

One Wig Stand: Breast Cancer Awareness & Support

One Wig Stand has taken on a daunting mission: bringing awareness, support, and hope to the world of Lebanese women facing breast cancer. Determined to help change minds and save lives in the Middle East, this organization faces a tall order.

Blending fashion with activism, this blog brings a new future into being – one with early detection, timely treatment, and more birthdays. Whether through their wigs or their wisdom, these bloggers have created a treasure trove of breast cancer stories, recipes, event notices, and health resources to their corner of the world. Bravo

The Accidental Amazon

I’m a symmetry-challenged Baby-Boomer, an artist, writer & closet geek with a day job as a healthcare clinician. In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thus far, I’ve lived to complain about it — and there’s a lot to complain about, in the healthcare system & in the rampant merchandising of this disease. Change does not happen in silence, so I choose to speak out & question the status quo, with gusto, soul-searching, analysis & research, in the hope that it might help. A little skepticism is healthier than a lot of disillusionment.

The Breast Blog in the World: A Diary of my Treatment for Breast Cancer

Hester Tingey is cheeky, hilarious, and refreshing.The Breast Blog in the World is forward, bold, and utterly addictive. Together, they make one heck of a combo. Follow her attitude-filled diary to get a true look at talent and boundless energy.

This fabulous woman somehow sheds a humorous light on everything from hair loss to hacking up a lung, and her writing style is all her own. Hester, when you write a book, we’ll be standing in line to buy it. Promise!