“When I first looked in the mirror after surgery, I was shocked when I saw my scars and drain tubes. My mind started casting doubt on survival and whether I would look normal again.

I went outside for my first walk after surgery and I saw my shadow on the sidewalk.  Unlike the mirror that reminded me of all the things that were wrong, my shadow reminded me of all the things that were right.  I was alive and still able to cast a shadow on this earth. From that moment on I would battle for only positive thoughts.

The mirror no longer dictated how I was doing.  So when you are able to go for a walk look for your shadow, remember, it’s there because you’re here.

I hope my shadow story encourages you to think positive and stay strong as you’re going though this difficult journey.”
Thank you,
Cherie B. Mathews,
Owner & Survivor

  • I just got a lovely email from Nancy’s sister (who is staying w/ her temporarily) that was sent globally to Nancy’s Support Crew and wanted to share this with you: From Nancy’s sister: “There’s not a pill for the emotional part of this, and that hurts as much or more. All my silly chatter about what gorgeous ta-tas she can get doesn’t help much when she looks in the mirror. Rene, her neighbor, picked up Rachel (her dog) from Dog Boyz and honed in on a problem we were looking for a solution to. Now she has just come over in a SUPPORT CREW Tee, having made a run across town to a lady who is a breast cancer survivor and has developed something that holds up the four drainage bags that will be attached to Nancy for at least the next 11 days and are truly a pain. There’s a good bit more to this wonderful story, but as Nancy crawled into bed, she said “I’ll think of my shadow, not what I see in the mirror.” Ride on! 5-star rating

  • I stumbled upon your web site via Know Cancer. Your shadow story lifted my spirits today. I am a breast cancer survivor, currently completing seven more months of chemo. I had a unilateral mastectomy in October and finished my toxic chemotherapy April 15. Right now I am struggling with the identity crisis of missing my old long hair and covering up what I see as a gray-haired, marine style stubble. It is very, very hard to look in the mirror every morning. It seems like so very long before my hair will be even long enough to style. I feel impatient. Your shadow story made me realize that I am still me and I can still make a difference in this world. Your work inspires me so much. Thank you. Your Bosom Buddy 5-star rating