Hi, my name is Cherie Mathews, the founder and inventor of the Healincomfort recovery shirt. Over 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease that has not been witnessed in my family DNA before. I was the athletic one – a long-distance runner – but I was the one diagnosed with breast cancer.

I know you know how scary receiving this diagnosis is. But for those who have only ever known someone who has received this news, it’s a terrifying time. I had to have a double mastectomy in my battle against breast cancer and when I woke up after surgery the first thing I asked my husband was to hand me the ‘True Red’ lipstick that I brought with me. I needed to feel attractive. However, as you can imagine, the lipstick only helped so much. 

My frustration and anger started when the nurse tried to get me dressed in what I had been instructed to bring – an old button down dress shirt from my husband’s closet or something like it- I had no idea how emotionally devastating that would feel after my breasts had just been removed.

The pain from the movement of trying to get my arms into that shirt was too much and I got sick. The nurse’s frustration set in and she snapped at me asking why I brought “that shirt”. My response to this was, “Why don’t you provide something? I do not understand why I would be in trouble for guessing incorrectly.  What do you provide?” 

The nurse, in response, suggested that they provide safety pins so I could pin the surgical drains that are sewn into my body to the outside of that shirt.

This was unacceptable. I did not want to go home to my young children and walk through the door in a man’s dress shirt, my breast removed, surgical drains sewn into my body visible for all the world to see only being held in place by – safety pins!

I ask you, does it seem fair that a sprained elbow receives a sling but I have to guess what appropriate recovery equipment is after just having a mastectomy?  I promise you that if a man lost his man parts in the war against cancer they would not be sending him home in his wife’s skirt.  It would just be wrong. So then, why is it okay for a woman to be sent home in a men’s dress shirt when she has just lost her breasts?

When I got home I laid in my bed for three days until I eventually shuffled into my closet to look for something new and clean to wear. And that’s when it hit me. I had absolutely nothing in that closet that was big and loose, or that would feel comfortable on my skin or that wouldn’t take a serious act of God to get on. The only clothes available were golf clothes, motorcycle clothes, or dress clothes. I cried. But then remembered that I am a problem solver and at that moment, Healincomfort was born.

Cherie Mathews, the founder and inventor of the Healincomfort recovery shirt.
Cherie MathewsFounder, CEO and Inventor of the Healincomfort Recovery Shirt

Our Mission

Our mission is to change post-operative policy on a national scale and ensure that every woman is sent home with a healincomfort shirt to ease the reduced mobility and discomfort as a result of a mastectomy, and allow them to heal in comfort and dignity. With your help, and the support of the medical community, we will get there.

No woman fighting breast cancer should have to go through these frustrations. There is a better way to heal – in comfort and with dignity. 

Healincomfort provides specialized recovery equipment designed specifically to help women recovering from surgery in their battle against breast cancer. Our recovery shirt provides you with the most comfortable recovery wear solution. Whether you are having a mastectomy, radiation, reconstructive or explant surgery, the healincomfort recovery shirt is a must-have. Made from a soft as feathers moisture managing material, my design features; four large internal pockets to conceal and manage surgical drains. It also has larger armholes for free breathing and better healing after sentinel node removal; Velcro-like fasteners for independent dressing when movement is limited and painful; A boxy cut giving room for surgical drain tubes and finally, has an outerwear look making it perfect for post-surgery doctor visits (no more paper capes!).  

Now you have a choice. The healincomfort recovery shirt will make your recovery from breast cancer surgery so much easier, much more comfortable, and far less frustrating while helping you feel like a person, not a science experiment. Now there is recovery equipment designed specifically with your needs in mind. Today you have the choice to recover in dignity and with comfort.

The Healincomfort Recovery Shirt comes with advantages like:

  • A special moisture management material that took over a year to develop. It is so soft that it will feel like feathers on your skin.
  • 4 large internal pockets to manage your surgical drains while keeping them concealed and out of sight
  • A design with large armholes to allow breathing space and less irritation after sentinel node removal.
  • Velcro-like fasteners to allow for easy and independent dressing when movement is painful and limited 
  • A boxy, athletic cut designed like outerwear that allows room for surgical drains while providing you with a natural sporty look perfect for accepting company, post-surgery doctor visits, and most importantly, feeling like a normal human being!

I urge you to check out my product right now. If you or your loved one are having a mastectomy then get your healincomfort recovery shirt immediately.

The recovery shirt is for the breast cancer patients out there, women about to have a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, explant surgery, or any upper body surgery that will require drain management tubes during recovery. This Shirt Is For You. Do not waste any more time or risk buying inferior imitations. Heal comfortably and with dignity in the soft as feathers, easy to dress, makes you feel like a human again healincomfort recovery shirt. Click this link right now – and buy your recovery shirt.

Over 75 thousand patients already know that this one purchase was the best pre-op planning decision that they made.