Founded in 2010 by breast cancer survivor Cherie B. Mathews, our mission is to help women heal in comfort and dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer. This is a formidable mission the company takes quite seriously, as inspired by Cherie’s own post-operative experience.

Standard post-operative instructions call for “loose-fitting clothing”, which had no accommodations for her drain tubes and limited arm movement.  Her situation made her angry — “I didn’t have the right equipment to go home in, if a sprained elbow gets a sling to heal in why isn’t there helpful equipment to heal in after a mastectomy?”  And shopping was clearly not an option!  But her frustration inspired her to design the healincomfort®shirt which did help her recovery by including hook and loop fasteners for easy dressing; super soft, moisture management material to keep her dry and comfortable; and internal pockets to help with drains.

Cherie B. MathewsFounder: healincomfort.com

Helping women heal in comfort & dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer…

Our Goal...

Ultimately, our goal is to change post-operative policy on a national scale and ensure that every woman is sent home with a healincomfort shirt to ease the reduced mobility and discomfort as a result of a mastectomy, and allow them to heal in comfort and dignity. With your help, and the support of the medical community, we will get there.

As Cherie B. Mathews connected with other women afflicted with breast cancer, she made more shirts as gifts and received many thankful stories of the difference the shirts made in her friends’ recovery.  Their doctors also appreciated the shirts during post office visits, as they allowed for a more discrete checkup. Patients do not need to remove their entire garment for the doctor’s examination, allowing them more privacy, dignity and comfort.  The continuing demand and positive feedback inspired Cherie to found healincomfort.com to allow others access to the very needed and welcomed shirts so they do not have to experience the frustration and discomfort she went through.

To date, over 3,000 healincomfort shirts have been manufactured in the USA and gifted to Breast Cancer Centers across Texas to provide for local women including; St. David’s Medical Center, Conroe Regional Medical Center, M.D. Anderson, Texas Oncology, Houston Medical Center , Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center and Memorial Hermann.  Healincomfort believes in giving back to our community.

About healincomfort

how you can help others to heal in comfort…

healincomfort is a bootstrapping business on a mission…
to change the way breast cancer and other upper body surgery patients recover from their surgery. With your support, we can make a difference!



At your next doctor’s appointment, mammogram, even during checkout at the grocery store… help spread the word about healincomfort. The more women know that they have a choice when it comes to how they recover from their battle against breast cancer – the better!

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Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, post-operative healincomfort shirts have been gifted to hospitals and patient resource centers to help women and men heal in comfort and feel cared for during a difficult time in their lives. But there are so many more to help. Everyday someone in your community is undergoing major surgery like a mastectomy or open heart or organ transplant. Make a donation today!



Through our “Gift a Shirt” program, you or your company may purchase a healincomfort® shirts for women recovering from a mastectomy or undergoing treatment such as chemo or radiation.

This program offers companies a simple and direct way to contribute to the welfare of their communities. Research shows that customers prefer to purchase from companies which exhibit corporate social responsibility, especially at the local level.

Honors and Awards…

2013 Blazing Star Award

Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas

November 2013

When told to bring one of her husband’s old shirts to wear after a double mastectomy and to use safety pins for her surgical drains, the incident became an epiphany wrapped around an outrage for Cherie, who says, “That’s like coming home from the hospital with a broken arm, and they give you a shoestring for a sling.” Out of her frustration came an idea: She invented and patented a recovery shirt made of feather soft moisture management material with velcro-like fasteners and special internal pockets to hold the drains so patients could heal in comfort and dignity.  Cherie, who started her successful Certified Woman Owned Business www.healincomfort.com in 2010 with $1,000, has since helped over 3,000 patients throughout the USA, given to 7 major hospitals and provided for Austin’s breast cancer patients as a gift as well as any hardship cases in the USA through a nonprofit www.healincomfort4achange.org founded for that purpose. Her inspiring story has been featured by CNN, Fox 7, KVUE, Good Morning SA, the NFL news, Giuliana Rancic E! News, the Statesman and other media.


2013 Lillie Knox Investing For Growth Award

Women’s Business Council Southwest WBENC

September 2013

Dear Cherie: You are a 2013 recipient of the Lillie Knox Investing for Growth Award. On behalf of the selection committee, board, and membership of the Women’s Business Council-Southwest, we are so pleased to contribute to the growth of heal-in-comfort and wish you the greatest success.

2012 Fearless Women Visions of a New World Award

Mary Ann Halpin

January 2012

From Mary Ann Halpin “I am moved by the amazing, Fearless Women that I have met and photographed over these many years. They have been the catalyst for this evolutionary movement. Together we will embrace our sword of courage to move beyond our fears to our dreams, to help ourselves, and help the whole world.”

2011 Recognition and Grateful Appreciation Breast Cancer Resource Award

BCRC Breast Cancer Resource Center Centers of Texas

October 2011

2011 Michelle Bastas Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to the Breast Cancer Community 2011

The Smile Never Fades- A Breast Cancer Charity

October 2011

Thank you to Bill Bastas and Linda Wagner I am so honored to receive this award.

2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Austin Woman Magazine Small Business Award

Austin Woman Magazine

November 2010

Big thank you to Melinda Garvey, my mentor.

austinwoman Magazine

2010 Fearless Woman Award Finalist

Fearless Woman / Mary Ann Halpin

August 2010

2010 VIP for Dedication and Business Leadership

Cambridge “Who’s Who”

April 2010

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Certification

Certified January 2011

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