Founded in 2010 by breast cancer survivor Cherie B. Mathews, our mission is to help women heal in comfort and dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer. This is a formidable mission the company takes quite seriously, as inspired by Cherie’s own post-operative experience.

Standard post-operative instructions call for “loose-fitting clothing”, which had no accommodations for her drain tubes and limited arm movement.  Her situation made her angry — “I didn’t have the right equipment to go home in, if a sprained elbow gets a sling to heal in why isn’t there helpful equipment to heal in after a mastectomy?”  And shopping was clearly not an option!  But her frustration inspired her to design the healincomfort®shirt which did help her recovery by including hook and loop fasteners for easy dressing; super soft, moisture management material to keep her dry and comfortable; and internal pockets to help with drains.


Helping women heal in comfort & dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer…

As Cherie B. Mathews connected with other women afflicted with breast cancer, she made more shirts as gifts and received many thankful stories of the difference the shirts made in her friends’ recovery.  Their doctors also appreciated the shirts during post office visits, as they allowed for a more discrete checkup. Patients do not need to remove their entire garment for the doctor’s examination, allowing them more privacy, dignity and comfort.  The continuing demand and positive feedback inspired Cherie to found to allow others access to the very needed and welcomed shirts so they do not have to experience the frustration and discomfort she went through.

Our Goal...

Ultimately, our goal is to change post-operative policy on a national scale and ensure that every woman is sent home with a healincomfort shirt to ease the reduced mobility and discomfort as a result of a mastectomy, and allow them to heal in comfort and dignity. With your help, and the support of the medical community, we will get there.