Healincomfort.com is a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual AWA Birthday Bash, February 26th in Austin, TX.

In 2020, AWA is all about INTENTION! At this year’s AMAZING Women Alliance Birthday Bash we have the opportunity to come together for a night of celebration, networking, and fun! Join healincomfort.com founder, Cherie Mathews and over 200+ AMAZING women to CELEBRATE, network, collaborate, CELEBRATE, share best practices, hear from AMAZING speakers, CELEBRATE together, and so much more!

The Birthday Bash is our biggest event of the year! Filled with AWESOME surprises throughout the entire evening. Our speakers will indulge you in a motivating night! Leave inspired and ready to dive into a year of Intention in your personal and professional life!

Cherie Mathews is a twenty year breast cancer survivor, formerly with IBM specializing in Computer Engineering Research and Development. She is Founder & CEO of healincomfort.com and long-time proud member of AWA. She is the inventor of a global, award winning and multiple Patented HEAL IN COMFORT RECOVERY SHIRT to help women heal in comfort and dignity. Cherie is proud to help our local breast cancer patients through her invention. Her original goal was to help 100 local patients not have to go through what she went through. Her vision and dedication has now helped over 40,000 souls.

Cherie has partnered up with an Austin start up called Eli Technology. It is exciting because within a one second scan, she is able to deliver one billion dollars worth of technology platforms to help empower cancer patients to navigate with knowledge and ease. She can’t wait to share Eli Technology with you today.

Cherie is proud to work with Darlene as her business strategist. She is also a business advisor and has been instrumental for Darlene and the growth of AWA. Because Darlene Templeton relentlessly encouraged her (ha) back into the speaking world, Cherie can now add to her resume international speaking and various speaking engagements throughout the US to help others find the “Wonder Women” or “Inventor” in them!!

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