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The 1 in 8 Foundation began when Hollywood writer and producer, Ken Vrana, moved to the Raleigh area of North Carolina and made a documentary film called “Snow Angels”. “Snow Angels” followed 3 women through a year of their lives, all of whom had breast cancer. As production was wrapping up, Sir Paul McCartney and Canadian singer Sarah McLaughlin, offered their music for the film’s soundtrack and ultimately, Ken was asked to work with the breast cancer charity that has been created to honor the life and work of Sir Paul’s first wife, Linda Eastman McCartney. Then after 5 years, Ken created the 1 in 8 Foundation and has never looked back.

The 1 in 8 Foundation is a broad based non-profit entity through which all of the 1 in 8 business flows. 1 in 8 Motorsports works to fight breast cancer using the motorsports industry as its primary audience. There is also a unique new initiative called Speedsters, aimed specifically at educating and motivating young people to become more proactive about their health. Because breast cancer is beginning to strike younger and younger women, Ken feels that it is never too early to become vigilant. Speedsters is an anime program created to capture the imagination of young people in new and innovative ways, and the response to the program has been amazing.

The 1 in 8 has grown by leaps and bounds and in October of 2007, it was named the fastest growing motorsports charity in the world. That may well be true. In 2007, the 1 in 8 produced 7 events. For 2009, it is looking at over 60!

Visit http://1in8foundation.org  for more information.

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