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Providing comfortable, functional clothing & accessories to help you through your entire breast cancer journey.
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The Mastectomy Recovery Shirt

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Healincomfort’s patented post mastectomy clothing is specifically designed to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more comfortable. Over 75,000 Satisfied Customers!

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French Terry Cover Up with Drain Pouches
The Sleep Again
Pillow System
better hospital dressing gowns
Never Give Up Hospital Gown by HUGGA
Blue and White Tie-Dye Jersey Sleep Cap

Healincomfort is honored to have assisted over 75,000 women (and men) recover in comfort & with dignity in their battle against breast cancer!

Nutrition & Healthy Living


The Importance of Protein

The nutrition world has as many opinions as politics! I’ve been in the field of nutrition for close to thirty years. Over these years I’ve watched as people polarize into their “diet” and try to convince everyone that theirs is the “one.” If I’ve learned anything, it’s that “no one size fits all” when it comes to diet.


Foods That Target Cancer Stem Cells

There are thousands of compounds that have been studied and tested that have anti-cancer properties, but only a small sub-set has been proven to target and kill CSCs. A recent study published in the Anticancer Research, title Natural Products That Target Cancer Stem Cells, makes it easier to identify these cancer stem cell killers.


8 Healthy Fruits for a Healthier You

A healthy diet is even more important for cancer patients, so it is important to eat well even if you don’t always feel like it. Additionally, some foods contain real benefits for you when you are battling breast cancer. Here are 8 that you might consider adding to your diet.

About Healincomfort


Our Founder: Cherie B. Mathews

Founded in 2010 by breast cancer survivor Cherie B. Mathews, our mission is to help women heal in comfort and dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer. This is a formidable mission the company takes quite seriously, as inspired by Cherie’s own post-operative experience.

Ultimately, our goal is to change post-operative policy on a national scale and ensure that every woman is sent home with a healincomfort shirt to ease the reduced mobility and discomfort as a result of a mastectomy, and allow them to heal in comfort and dignity. With your help, and the support of the medical community, we will get there.

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